5 Reasons You Should Exercise When High

Many of us enjoy physical activities when we are high. Whether or not you have noticed it, exercise can actually increase your high; while using marijuana can positively influence the results of exercising. There are some scientific reasons for these enhancements – that explain why you really should exercise when high.

Exercising can increase your high

A University of Sydney study showed that people who participated in a 35-minute exercise routine after consuming marijuana had levels of THC 15% higher than those who smoked and did not exercise. The body stores THC in fat, and when exercising the body begins to metabolize fat. The reason for the higher THC levels in the exercising group is that as the body burns the fat, small amounts of THC are released back into the bloodstream. Thus increasing the active THC in your body and giving you an increased high.

Marijuana and exercise activate the endocannabinoid system in the brain

The endocannabinoid system is the receptor for interaction with cannabinoids in the body. This system creates a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the body that affects physiological functions like appetite, pain and memory. When exercising the endocannabinoid system will release cannabinoids to help your body cope with the stress of physical activity. Consuming marijuana before exercising can be like giving yourself a double dose of these protective qualities.

Marijuana can put you in the zone

Smoking marijuana will often help you to zone out, but if you are looking to exercise it can help you to “zone in”. Yoga experts have suggested that smoking before exercising will help you to align your mind and body, perhaps giving you the ability to focus only on the task at hand. Some long distance runners have described using vaporizers or edibles before marathons to help them cope with their tedious treks.

Marijuana can speed fat loss through diabetic control

According to an American Journal of Medicine study, people who consume marijuana have 16% less fasting insulin in their bodies and 17% lower insulin resistance levels. All you need to know—cannabinoids assist in telling your body to burn sugar. Excess sugar will often lead to increased body fat. So if you combine a healthy diet with cannabis and exercise, you should be on your way to a good high and fitness.

Many professional athletes have used marijuana

If Michael Phelps smoked weed and won a ton of gold in the Olympics—it can’t be that bad. Many current and former professional athletes have admitted to consuming marijuana during their careers. Whether they consumed it specifically as a medicine or just to have a little fun, they were experiencing the effects described above. Professional athletes, especially football players, put their bodies through intense rituals to stay ready to play, the healing qualities found in cannabinoids can be invaluable.

Using marijuana as part of your exercise routine is a great idea. You will thank that cannabis when your recovery times decrease and your highs increase. Slowly introduce cannabis into your exercising and find the amount that’s right for you.

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