Alcohol or Marijuana may harm your health. What is worse?

When you think about your health the most desired goal is your well being. Good meals, good exercise, sleeping enough, and maintaining a routine may help. But we can’t forget the recreational moments, some people also have fun taking drugs to just relax and enjoy, with your friends or maybe alone. It’s important, however, you should consider that marijuana is still illegal in many places around the world and alcohol otherwise is considered a sin among some religions. What the reason for that bad reputation? Is it any good to legalize marijuana for medical or recreational use?

This week I read an exceptional story by Darko Jacimovic on the website with very good information about how harmful the recreational behavior of drinking alcohol or smoking marijuana can be. What the benefits that substances could bring to us? It’s supposed to have some good stuff, otherwise why some people love using it?

Darko brings in his study some statistics about alcohol and marijuana.

First the bad things:

  • There are 88,000 alcohol-related deaths happening every year
  • 70% of people who don’t drink alcohol would choose to make marijuana legal
  • Men account for 76% of all alcohol poisoning-related deaths
  • Drunk drivers account for 28% of all traffic-related deaths
  • 51% of 18 to 25-year-olds have smoked marijuana in their lifetime
  • First-time marijuana users can experience coma or respiratory failure
  • People believe alcohol is 25% more dangerous than marijuana
  • 67.4% are more likely to choose alcohol for relaxation after work than marijuana.


Marijuana vs Alcohol Statistics - alcohol overdose

Darko concludes it’s not clear what is worse, but “both can be harmful or beneficial. Moderate consumption of alcohol has been proven to be good for the human body. Marijuana found its way into medicine and is used for healing purposes”.

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