It’s time to bargain in the dispensary

In the last weeks, under this dangerous quarantine, we were inside our houses, dealing with low incoming money, discovering new ways to spend our time, like watching movies or playing games while typing in social media, and, of course, thinking on how to obtain the next meal, the groceries, toilet paper, etc, without leaving home. Delivery. As we’re at the computer why not purchase all the stuff right there? E-commerce.
About cannabis, we stay worried. Do we need to go to the dispensary? Really? Is it fair going outside during the pandemic? And should be secure sharing the pipe with friends? Is COVID-19 transmissible from pipes? In areas where Cannabis stay legal, medicinal or recreational, it’s trade shrinks and it’s considered expensive when compared with the first needing. Worst, it’s necessary to go to the dispensary! Cannabis does not exist at big stores on the web, with free or cheap delivery.

We must have in mind all legal issues and the tax costs the dispensaries have, meaning loss of price competitively when fighting with, we may say, the old and well instituted illegal marijuana market. The legalized cannabis products are still solidifying their way in that new market and must aggregate value, decrease price, and offering more services, like home delivery.

So, go to the dispensary, using your mask, you don’t want to break the quarantine, indeed. Go only if your favorite dispensary offers something more for you. A cheaper product? What the day’s special? Oh, ok! Does the dispensary deliver your Cannabis without an extra charge? Great! Remember, the illegal dealer does.

The presswoman Alicia Wallace, from CNN Bussiness, says in his recent story that legalized marijuana companies are beginning to explore new products like light THC concentration strains, or just selling low-quality products, to face the recession: Smaller joints and less-potent buds: recession weed is here.

Wallace says: “According to cannabis data firm BDS Analytics, they were up an estimated 34% in 2019 and expected to grow 32% in 2020.” It represents a loss and could change minds about the legalization of the recreational use in states heading to legalization like Florida and New York. At least it slows the process.

The conclusion should be we have to choose between buying new and unknown products or bargain the first needing good quality hemp we learned to use in the US. Well, my choice would be a bargain.

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