Marijuana Infused Beer: Can General Washington’s Secret Stash Help?

Combining two of America’s favorite substances – weed and beer – Dude’s Brews of Aurora, Colorado has just announced their cannabinoid infused line of suds have officially won federal approval.

Representing America’s first federally permitted marijuana-infused beer, Dude’s Brews received a proverbial green light from the feds Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (a.k.a. TTB) for their newest and most chronic beer formula ever.

After a year of trials and tribulation by the federal agency, General Washington’s Secret Stash and its patented process won approval from the TBB. The owner of Dude’s Brews, Mason “Dude” Hembree explained his objective to

Aside from producing a delicious cannabinoid-infused craft beer, my mission is to bring awareness of patent 6630507 for Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants held by the US Government as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services

Leaning hard on GW’s reputation as one of America’s first hemp cultivators, Hembree explained their position in a buzzfeed interview, “Federal approval or not, this is rebellious, and we know the reform effort is far from over. So, who better to lead a band of rebels than General Washington? We’re going up against a daunting status quo.”

Hoping to expose the hy-pot-crisy behind marijuana’s current scheduling within the Controlled Substance Act, the Colorado-based brewery hopes their newest beer will bring some much-needed awareness to U.S. Patent 6630507, currently held by the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington DC.

“This patent was our inspiration and expresses the true depth of what we are doing.”



Love it or hate it, marijuana-infused beer is apparently here to help. Those interested in sampling this hybrid elixir can find it at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival.

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