Marijuana for the 1%: Meet the $420 Cannabis Cigar

Marijuana for the 1%: Meet the $420 Cannabis Cigar
Do you have too much money and not enough cannabis cachet? There’s a product for you.
By Phillip Smith / AlterNet

There’s money to be made in marijuana, and one way of doing it is establishing a high-end niche. That’s what Seattle-based Leira Cannagars is hoping to do with their pot cigars, lovingly crafted, lavishly marketed, and not cheap.

Leira markets itself as “420 for the 1%” on their website and tempts potential customers to cough up hard cash for a product that “represents success, luxury, and sophistication.”

Leira offers two cigar sizes—the cigarillo and the corona—with the former coming in at 3 ¼  inches long and weighing in at four grams of weed and a half-gram of rosin wrapped in an actual marijuana leaf. It’s supposed to take an hour to smoke. It’ll lighten your wallet to the tune of $110.

The corona comes in at six inches, which contains 12 grams of bud, three grams of rosin, and is advertised to last for five hours. It can be yours for only $420.

According to Alison Gootee at The Potlander,  who actually tried one out, the experience was a bit of a disappointment. The hollow-centered cigar burned her lips when she tried to suck on it like a joint. “Since I have smoked pot way more times than I have smoked cigars, it took a long time to figure out the best way to hit this thing,” she wrote.

And she couldn’t get past the price: “For a 99 percenter like me, it was hard to enjoy the curling smoke without seeing it as money burning away between my fingers,” she complained.

Still, if you’ve got too much money and want to burn some of it on bourgeois buds, there’s a pot cigar waiting for you in Seattle. But don’t hesitate—deep-pocketed hipsters eager to flaunt some cannabis cool ensure that the cigars “sell out within hours or on the weekend they’re dropped,” one shop owner told The Potlander.

In this video, Leira is happy to tell you all about their cannagars:

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